Baroness Danuté brings her passion for life in this photo compilation of engaging memoir-travelogues:

Snow Monkeys

the travel memoirs of Baroness Danuté

High up in the mountains of Japan in a natural hot springs live the Snow Monkeys.  Feisty, intimidating, caring, nurturing... lovers, mothers, children, family and friends.   Each image conveying their individual stories within a tight community; balancing lives in a wild habitat against tourism and the encroachment of modernization.

Snow Birds

the travel memoirs of Baroness Danuté

Frozen shores and steamy waters provide a contrasting backdrop between the grace of dancing cranes, the beauty of gliding swans and extreme power and precision of sea eagles.  Feel the bite of freezing temperatures in this exploration of a charming winter wonderland of life, death and sex.

Tribes of Asia

the travel memoirs of Baroness Danuté

From the rice fields of China to the jungles of Myanmar, dodge snakes and ride elephants to see the lesser known tribes surviving modernization.  Turn the page to see women in hidden labor camps climbing questionable ladders and hauling back-breaking rocks; turn again to see skirts of rich red fabric twirling in circles of laughter. Harsh, colorful and alluring... these are the Tribes of Asia.

Tribes of the World

the travel memoirs of Baroness Danuté

A rich visual experience of people, lands and cultures of our world's remaining indigenous peoples, providing extraordinary insight into tribal ways and beliefs which face extinction at the cost of world globalization and urbanization. 


the travel memoirs of Baroness Danuté

Thousands of grinding hooves driving pounds of flesh into the dirt, pushing and crushing each other forward, over and under as they cross the shores, squeezing the waters out of the river itself.  Mud slapping the air accenting the screams of death and the dying.  A scene some photographers look away from and some stare at in tears. 

Is It Me You're Looking For?

the travel memoirs of Baroness Danuté

Driven by passion and lusting for challenge, Baroness Danuté is lured by the sweet scent of danger, chasing it to capture vanishing moments of endangered animals, ancient cultures and disappearing landscapes.  It all started with her grandmother and a lifestyle completely opposite from where it is today....

Paris - a love story

the travel memoirs of Baroness Danuté

Paris, the ultimate lover, shares her passion for the people who live with her and visit her while the moments that capture her, romance her back.  A passionate collection of love notes paired with dreamy and romantic moments that take your breath away as only Baroness Danuté can capture....

Sky and I

the travel memoirs of Baroness Danuté

5 years of photo safaris at the enchanting Chief's Camp in Botswana covering the wild and the beautiful Big Five (lion, cheetah, elephant, buffalo, and rhino) and more.  Gritty, savage and extraordinary moments of our planet's vanishing wildlife.

Moments in Paris

the travel memoirs of Baroness Danuté

She only shoots that which takes her breath away. From dusk through night, walk the streets of Paris through the eyes of an artist whose heart dances with the beat of the city she loves to shoot.


the travel memoirs of Baroness Danuté

Cities, farmlands, deserts, mountains and the sea.  Walk through California through the eyes of a resident artist who seeks the less explored moments of California. Walk through each frame as they tell a story of drama caught forever in time.  You won't find amusement parks in these shots but you will discover the feeling of California.


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